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Tunakitos box (mix flavors) 220g/unit.

Box: 4 units (2,85€/unit)
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Salsas: Other sauces
Formato: Jar


  • Format: T-220V
  • Unit net weight: 220 g
  • Ingredients: Piperrada: Tuna and Piperrada Sauce (51%) (Tomato, bell pepper, onion, sunflower oil, garlic, citric acid, sugar and salt). Curry: Tuna, sunflower oil, spice mix (3%) (turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, white pepper, anise, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg). Barbecue: Tuna. sunflower oil and barbecue sauce (15%) (sugar, tomato, vinegar, salt, coloring, caramel, spices, onion, modified corn starch, smoke flavor, garlic and mustard). Brava: Tuna, sunflower oil, brava sauce (25%) (sunflower oil, water, tomato puree, garlic, sugar, wine vinegar, milk proteins, salt, spices, modified corn starch, lemon juice, stabilizers (locust bean gum and pectins), coloring (carotenes)) and spices.
  • Box: 4 pc (one flavor of each) or 12 pc (3 of each flavor)
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  • Piperrada: Energy value 418 Kj / 99 Kcal - Fats 3,4g of which saturated 0,9g / monounsaturated 0,9g / polyunsaturated 1,6g - Carbohydrates 2,7g - Sugars 2,7g - Proteins 15g - Salt 1,1g - Omega-3 acids 0,35g
  • Curry: Energy value 1738 Kj / 420 Kcal - Fats 39g of which saturated 2,3g / monounsaturated 12g / polyunsaturated 25g - Carbohydrates 0,9g - Sugars 0g - Proteins 17g - Salt 0,88g - Omega-3 Acids 0,6g
  • Barbecue: Energy value 1937 Kj / 469 Kcal - Fats 44g of which saturated 5,5g / monounsaturated 12g / polyunsaturated 27g - Carbohydrates 6,2g - Sugars 3,5g - Proteins 11g - Salt 1,0g - Omega-3 Acids 0,53g
  • Brava: Energy value 1321 Kj / 319 Kcal - Fats 26g of which saturated 3,5g / monounsaturated 7,3g / polyunsaturated 15,2g - Carbohydrates 3,1g - Sugars 2,7g - Proteins 18g - Salt 1,8g - Omega-3 acids 0,59g


Our Tunakitos are here to stay!!! An original family of Tuna Crumbs with very bold flavors.

In today's lifestyle we find ourselves with very little time but with a lot of desire to be creative in the kitchen. Our Tunakitos are here to help us design and imagine but, above all, to have FUN in the kitchen while enjoying a varied diet that helps us travel through all its aromas.

Open the Tunakito jar of your choice and have fun putting the Rock, the Ooohm, the Oooh Yeah and the Fire on your plate!!!.

To learn a little more about the tunakitos link

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