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Harmony and Health

  • Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines harmony as "a pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts". At Conservas Zallo, as a food products manufacturer, we understand this "pleasing arrangement" to be an experience that comes from combining health, quality, sustainability and music.

    Such harmony can be reached when consuming our products, allowing you to achieve your maximum well-being.

    At Conservas Zallo we believe that a healthy and harmonious diet is the one that balances the body and covers all your needs.

    Products of Conservas Zallo are foods that actively contribute to increase the quality of life of its consumers.

    Canned fish is a source of protein that provides vitamins (e.g. vitamin B3 that helps reduce cholesterol levels, promotes circulation and also contains anti-carcinogenic properties among others).

  • It also provides minerals (such as sodium, necessary for the functioning of nerves and muscles, or potassium that helps in the transport of oxygen to the brain and is indispensable for growth.)

    It is also a source of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids containing cardio protective properties.

    Because of all these beneficial components, canned fish is an essential nutrient in our daily diet to help us lead a healthy and balanced diet.

    It is important to mention that all products from Conservas Zallo are also gluten-free.

    At Conservas Zallo we want to promote the education of children and youth with healthy eating habits. Good food provides energy and nutrients to our bodies in order to complete formation, growth and regeneration of our tissues. This is why we are actively involved in the dissemination of the Naos Strategy.

White Tuna for breakfast

  • Do you know the advantages of starting the day with a healthy breakfast? With the dizzying pace of our daily lives we tend to forget about breakfast because of the time crunch, however, after several hours of overnight fasting, our bodies need food to begin the day.

    Eating proteins at breakfast is very favorable for our bodies, since it offers several advantages for our daily well-being:

    • It provides a large amount of energy to face the day.
    • It contributes to the improvement of our immune system.
    • It brings the amino acids needed to build and repair body tissue and cells.

    The consumption of protein for breakfast is essential for the growth and development of children and adolescents, since they are constantly using energy and are in need of continually recharging their batteries.

Harmony and Quality

  • Our goal is none other than to obtain the maximum client satisfaction through the development of high quality products that are environmentally friendly.

    Corporate Policy, Quality and Food Safety

    Conservas Zallo shows its commitment to guide the company to achieve the satisfaction and trust of our customers through the manufacture of high quality products and with maximum food safety.

    Our quality management system has the objective of continuous improvement of our processes, both fulfilling the customer's requirements as well as the laws in force.

  • Principles of Operation and Management

    • Customer satisfaction through products of the highest quality.
    • Continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.
    • Conservas Zallo is committed to maintaining a social and work ethic that allows a pleasant and eco-friendly work environment, collaborating with the fishing sector of the region.
    • Conservas Zallo ensures the development of safe products for consumer health, by the application of the HACCP system. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
    • Conservas Zallo performs on-going follow-ups of the Company's Quality Policy's objectives.

Harmony and Sustainability

  • At Conservas Zallo we care about harmony with the environment, from fishing to the final customer, promoting and supporting the use of sustainable practices.

    Fishing for raw materials:

    • We focus our purchasing on fresh produce from the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay), supporting “one-by-one” fish capturing techniques with local fishing fleets, thus preventing the accidental capture of dolphins as well as the deterioration of the seabed.
    • With the help of international certification for sustainable fishing MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), we offer the consumer an eco-friendly product.
  • Environmental impact:

    • Conservas Zallo is actively working on separation, minimization and recycling of cardboard, plastic, and other by-products (for example fish waste and fats).
    • We treat and purify all residues that we generate.

    Sustainable consumption of resources

    • Conservas Zallo and all its workers are involved in the reduction of energy, wáter and gas consumption.

Harmony and Music

  • Nowadays, music has shown that it brings multiple benefits to the physical and emotional health of human beings.

    Listening to music causes a variety of brain stimuli that have a direct bearing on important aspects of life such as mood. In addition, it helps to control stress and reduces fatigue and anxiety.

    When stimulating sounds are to your liking, the brain sends immediate feelings of pleasure and well-being. In other words, it encourages the listener to see things in a different and more positive way.

    Through music we can find physical and mental balance, which helps us to have a much healthier life.

    Music and Children

    For preschool-age children, music is also of vital importance since it helps in their intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development.

  • It helps them to express themselves in a different way and to integrate into society, having the gift of approaching people.

    Through music, children learn how to live better with other children by establishing more harmonious communications. It gives them emotional security and confidence, because they feel understood sharing songs and immersed in an atmosphere of support, collaboration and mutual respect. It also helps them to improve their concentration and learning ability.

    Ultimately, at Conservas Zallo we strive to take care of every detail, especially through the previously described components: health, quality, sustainability and music.

    We invite you to seek your own harmony.

    Have you heard about "the sounds of the sea"?

    Whenever you enjoy one of our products, you can hear this harmonious melody.

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