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ANTXOA Gift Pack | Assortment of 6 preserves

Box: 1 unit (48,00€/unit)
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Salsas: Olive oil
Formato: Gift pack

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"Antxoa" gift box contains:

  • 1x Can 85g of Premium Anchovy Fillet 10-12f
  • 1x Can 85g of Premium Anchovy Fillet 14-16f
  • 1x Can 85g of Premium Anchovy Fillet 20-22f
  • 1x Can 112g of Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil
  • 1x Can 115g of Sardinillas in olive oil 16-22 pieces
  • 1x Can 226g of White Tuna in olive oil

A luxurious and original gift perfect for any kind of occasion.

Today I feel like some "Antxoa". An assortment where we will find 3 sizes of anchovies of the best quality to taste them as the occasion requires. In addition, we also include some Bonito, Tuna and Sardinillas that combine very well with them.

*If you want to customize the gift pack, contact us at 94 618 63 18 or at

Store the anchovy between 1-4ºC
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