Also known as Anchovy or Bocarte, we call anchovy the anchovy that is caught in season of the species Engraulis Encrasicolus, and that has been marinated in vinegar for its preservation.



Appetizing steaks with excellent texture and intense flavor.



Location: Cantabrian Sea.
Dates: March-June.
Type: Fishing net.



Flesh: Appetizing fillets.
Flavor: Intense acid flavor.
Texture: Juicy and soft.



Canned: Industrial format and case for family consumption.



Rich in proteins and polyunsaturated fats. Contributes to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

“I loved the product. I had tried other preserves of this maca and like the rest, 10.”

Marimar Salgado P. (Murcia)

Marinated with vinegar and canned.

Like the anchovy fillet, the anchovy is caught between March and June. But the anchovies are macerated with vinegar so that they get that whitish color and can be tasted later in oil. These anchovy fillets do not come into contact with salt at any time, so their flavor differs greatly from that of an anchovy fillet.

It should be remembered that this is a semi-preserved product, and therefore it should always be kept between 1-4ºC. Breaking the cold chain can cause the anchovy to deteriorate, resulting in a loss of quality, texture and flavor, as well as a loss of shelf life.

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